Millions of drive-ins every day at petroleum retail outlets across the country is definitely any brand manager’s dream, or so we assume! Every brand team would want to utilize this huge captive audience to derive mileage for their brand. That is what we precisely do. Successfully and regularly, in line with our core value systems.

Established in 2001, Samms Juke Box is a pioneer in Conceptualizing campaigns at Petrol retail outlets/gas stations pan-India, offering Branding, Marketing and Activations. Over the last 15 years, We have become the preferred medium in providing solutions to biggest of corporate offering trial generations, branding, sampling, activations, institutional sales among others. We work with all brands, in every industry and help them market their brand at petroleum retail outlets aggressively.

Walking that extra mile jointly with our clients and aspiring for perfection are the reasons why most of our campaigns have achieved great successes. Strong sense of ethics and application of technology are the reasons why our clients prefer us as their trusted partners.



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